Monday, April 9, 2007

The Third Stage (

In New York City on 4/11/07, We are doing 3 street actions in the memory of Dan Wallace.

9:30am The View ABC Studios
1:30pm Building WTC 7
5:00pm Time Square

If you are in the tri-state area and want to find out more please sign up on our NY911Truth and CHANGE email list HERE

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Loose Change - by Dylan Avery

Important 911 links

Message from Aaron Russo (4/9/07):

- Dear Lovers of Liberty, the struggle is just beginning! Get ready...
- Are you aware by May of 2008 the law will require you to carry a national identification card?
- Are you aware that there are plans being developed to have all Americans embedded with a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) computer chip under their skin so they can be tracked wherever they go?
- Are you aware the Supreme Court has ruled that the government has no authority to impose a direct unapportioned tax on the labor of the American people, and the 16th Amendment does not give the government that power?
- Are you aware that computer voting machines can be rigged and there is no way to ensure that vote is counted?
- Now some of these things have been discussed here, but this Documentary does a good job with connecting the dots. And it's all about 'following the Money' of the evil bankers of the Federal Reserve and how our Democrats and Republicans are ' all captives, pick the word, of a group of New World Order Bankers.
- The rich are getting richer and the rest of us are quickly becoming REAL slaves, whether we know it or like it.
- Civil disobedience NOW seems to be the only way to stop this insidious reality that has been in the works since 1913.
- Many of us have at least recognized the wrongs around us. Many of us have diaried about bits and pieces of some of thes happenings, but this
America: Freedom to Fascism by Aaron Russo puts it all together.
- I have done a lot of RFID chip diaries, but seeing the real motive behind it in this documentary scares me to death. I will become a renagade and will fight against the RealID card at all costs.

America From Freedom To Fascism

The Money Masters - How International Bankers Gained Control of America

NY911Truth and CHANGE <>


Thursday 4/12/07 – Open Public NY 9/11 Truth meeting - 7:15pm
Au Bon Gout (a Deli), 276 5th Avenue Corner of 30th St., Seating in
back on upper floor

NY911Truth is a public, open and democratic organization that holds
open public meetings for anyone receiving this email. The steering
committee is open to all and all are encouraged to come.

STREET ACTION - 4/14/07 Saturday Ground Zero

We are continuing our street actions as of this Saturday 1:00pm to
4:00pm at Ground Zero. I hope to see you all there as we affect
change one person at a time. Street actions are a big part of our
organization and we will not stop until the lie of 9-11 is exposed.

Street Action, 11th of Every Month

1. A National Day of Truth Action is when we all take action for
truth together at the same time

2. National Days of Truth Action take place on the Eleventh Day of
Every Month until 9/11 Justice

3. 9/11 Truth is the hidden forefront of the peace and
anti-globalization movements - whenever there is a call for national
or global action we will
be there and be visible and make it a Day of Truth Action

New York City Street Actions

9:30am The View ABC Studios

1:30pm Building WTC 7

5:00pm Time Square

ABC The View Studios is located

320 West 66th Street , just past West End Ave, NYC

Building 7 is by Ground Zero and Time Square we will be at 42nd

Demonstration of support for Rose 3/21 (video)

Check out this video of activists of NY911Truth and CHANGE showing
support for Rosie. Just keep in mind that after NY911Truth and CHANGE
did this demonstration of support Rosie came out with a 9 minute rant
about building 7 that reached 30 million people on the View. We’re
going to do it again on 4/11 9:30am I hope to see you there.

New JERSEY 9/11Truth movement

If you are from NJ please contact Glen at:>
He is also organizing a street action on the 11th in New Jersey.

Wednesday, the Eleventh of April, 2007 in Jersey City, NJ: 4/11 Day
of Action
NJ - Jersey City

12-1 at Journal Square

1-2 at Grove Street

2-3 at Exchange Place

Spy Chips Event 4/21/07 6:00pm

@ "Blue Loft", located at 12 Warren Street, 3rd Floor, Tribeca, NYC

Come and see what the elite ruling class has planned to contain and
control the populous. RFID (radio frequency identification) chips
will either be in our wallets, cell phones or our bodies, and will
house all of our cash, credit and financial information. The Real ID
Act has been passed by both houses, signed by the President, and
merely awaits state by state implementation.

Soon these spychips will tell the ruling powers where we are, who we
are with, what we are purchasing and what we are doing at any given
moment in our lives. There is already a global movement toward a
cashless society. In parts of Europe and Asia, cell phones are
already being used to access public transportation, make purchases,
and identify the carrier. If this trend grows to a worldwide scale,
there is little that will stop the global banking elite from
establishing their control and dominion over our planet’s


Come see the film "Spychips" for a background on RFID’s, and then
see an Aaron Russo (director of America: Freedom to Fascism)
interview where he relates how the global elite is planning to use
this technology to finalize their plans for world conquest. Learn
what we can and must do to put a stop to this madness.

Donation appreciated but not required.
Sponsered by NY911Truth and CHANGE.

Directions: Take the to R train to City Hall or take the 1,2,3,A and
C to Warren Street

Peace and Respect,

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